Tanyard Creek, End of the Road

 Tanyard Creek, End of the Road

Tanyard Creek Bridge. Photo by Dana Johnson

Many roads lead to Bella Vista, AR.

Time to gather up the glossy brochures and tuck those ambitious plans for a trip to San Francisco and the fall grape crush and wine festival experience in Northern CA back in the drawer. It sounded like a good idea last winter. Next year. Scuba diving in the Bahamas. Someday. Walking tour of the pubs in Ireland. Not today. Wild fires to the west, dueling storm fronts to the east–not to mention a pretty confusing global pandemic, oh my. Staying put is clearly a better plan. That doesn’t mean you are trapped between your bed, your couch, and your dining room table. 

Originally a ten-mile wagon ride to escape the sweltering summer in the city, Bella Vista promised a picnic spot in a shady glen where children could catch polywogs in the creek. By early in the twentieth century trains, highways, and automobiles transformed Bella Vista from a quiet escape into a summer vacation village a day’s drive, more or less, from Dallas, Tulsa, Kansas City, or Chicago. Eight decades ago mom and the kids spent moved to Bella Vista for the summer. It was close enough that dad worked in the city came down and over for weekends. 

It still is. Close that is. Nothing has changed and everything has changed. 



There's a new definition of distance in 2020.

 Bella Vista is still a few hours drive, more or less.  It’s place where social distancing means privacy and stunning sunset views not a duct-tape X on the sidewalk. It’s a place where distance working–and learning–happens somewhere other than the kitchen table.

Bella Vista has 200 private short-term rentals, 100 miles of world-class mountain bike trails, eight golf courses, and seven lakes complete with creek, and waterfall system right outside your back door. And yes, there are still polliwogs.

Susan Kelley

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