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Top five tech features of Arkansas single track

CLIFF NOTES (1) Machine-carved turns, (2) wooden things, (3) singles, (4) doubles, and (5) gardens of rock. Bermeister A far cry from the rain ravaged fire roads of mountain bike ancient history, carefully sculpted well-maintained berms are the norm in Bella Vista. Most offer several lines for max speed or control. Mastering the berm is […]Read More

How to get the most out of riding Arkansas single

CLIFF NOTES (1) Don’t be an idiot, (2) sit up straight, (3) watch where you’re going, and (4) get real low. Seek balance, grasshopper. Yes. Everyone and their grandmother wants to go as fast as possible, otherwise you’d be playing bridge this weekend instead of tearing up the Back 40. But it is the proper […]Read More

How to get to Bella Vista by plane, Uber, and

CLIFF NOTES Just follow the yellow brick road to OZ. Actually, the only road that pretends to not lead to Bella Vista is Google Advertising. By air, X marks the spot, XNA Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport. Don’t be fooled by Fayetteville/Springdale the location. That’s generic on-line description for the region, or NWA as the locals […]Read More

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