Top five tech features of Arkansas single track

CLIFF NOTES (1) Machine-carved turns, (2) wooden things, (3) singles, (4) doubles, and (5) gardens of rock. Bermeister A far cry from the rain ravaged fire roads of mountain bike ancient history, carefully sculpted well-maintained berms are the norm in Bella Vista. Most offer several lines for max speed or control. Mastering the berm is […]Read More

Where the eagles have landed by John L. Craig

By John Craig—Eagles provide many opportunities for viewing and shooting from capturing them sitting in a tree to laying over on their backs as they talion joust high above. On occasion they hit each other breast to breast and the sound is quite loud. They certainly don’t mind knocking another eagle off the best observation […]Read More

Catching Magic: Photographing waterfalls in Bella Vista

“The slower you go, the softer the flow.” “The best waterfall pictures are taken in the soft light of dawn or dusk. The harsh mid-day light is not your friend. It will wash out the colors and contrasts that make waterfall photography so beautiful.” Dana Johnson Dana Johnson Tweet Never underestimate the power of flowing […]Read More

Spring bird migration. Brought to you by Crayola.

Spring Migration in the Ozarks By John Huse–Birding in the spring in Bella Vista and the surrounding area is a colorful and rewarding way to spend your time. It’s a fun time of the year to simply watch your backyard bird feeders or local parks and trails for all the birds that are migrating through […]Read More

Cool places to stay for all occasions

CLIFF NOTES You can book your NWA biking experience as a string of challenging rides interspersed with a few nights under the ubiquitous and questionable bedspread, curtains drawn against lights in the parking lot, listening to heater noises or you could make your downtime as memorable as the trail. Google isn’t going to explain this. […]Read More

Top places to eat and drink in Bella Vista

CLIFF NOTES Bella Vista offers a number of establishments dedicated to great food and a good time for family and friends. How far do you need to drive? How does five minutes sound—by bike or car? BV Bar & Grill Get Directions | Call Now With a beautiful view of the Country Club golf course and Bella […]Read More

Spring has sprung in the Ozarks

Life in springtime Bella Vista, Arkansas. The human residents of Bella Vista may be hunkered down at home, their usual to and fro habits severely restricted in an attempt to stem the earth wide Covid 19 pandemic, but life in the natural world continues on, blithely oblivious, or maybe relieved to be a little less […]Read More

Discover the remarkable Great Blue Heron

“Ah, gentlemen, you know why we are here.” Quin Warsaw © 2020 This photo does bear an disconcerting resemblance to a scafolding set piece housing the Council of Priests from the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar but it wasn’t constructed by a scenery crew and it isn’t the result of central […]Read More

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